Passion for what you do is
the heart and soul of Service
that will generate Value.

At Guideridge Associates Inc., we are committed to delivering excellent services for Supply Chain Transformation and achieving your goals for turning supply chain into growth engine for the company.

Guideridge Associates Inc. is about creating partnerships and fostering them through a shared interest in adding value for your company. Our partnership with clients is a win-win scenario where your success is our success and vice versa.

Our passion for excellence in Supply Chain Management allows us to demonstrate our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in two ways:

Business Consulting

Helping enterprises to transform supply chain management into a strategic value added business that will accelerate and complement growth for the business. We also offer consulting and advisory services in other relevant areas such as Sourcing Strategy, Category Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Project Development, and Project Management and, Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Procurement Management

Uninterrupted and sustained supply of goods and services continues to be a challenge for many companies. A small and apparently insignificant material or service can cost millions in lost revenues and a long trail of lost customers. Our ‘make it happen’ attitude and passion for service and value ensures on-time delivery that will meet customer requirements at a competitive price.