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Category Management & Sourcing Strategy


Category Management in procurement is an opportunity for supply chain leaders to take control of the supply side of business process and achieve key supply chain objectives through the application of proactive and collaborative practices. These days when sourcing professionals are more inclined towards developing category expertise, it is essential for supply chain leaders to create a broad and better understanding of the approach and implementation of Category Management in Procurement.

Category Management is an integrated and collaborative approach that pushes executive management to break free of incremental approaches and open venues to unlock value and growth for the company. It is important to remember that Category Management is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Effective implementation of Category Management requires a tailored solution that takes into consideration the supply market, user requirements, risk profile of goods and services, financial model and specific business objectives.

Category Management requires in depth knowledge about the supply and usage characteristics of all goods and services. Objective analysis of supply and usage characteristics and determination and effective application of leverages is the key to the successful Supply Chain Management. Extensive knowledge of supply market dynamics and changing behaviours (at times seasonal) makes it possible for us to develop and optimize sourcing strategy that will deliver maximum value for your business.