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At Guideridge Associates Inc., we are committed to delivering excellent services for Supply Chain Transformation and achieving your goals for turning supply chain into growth engine for the company.

Guideridge Associates Inc. is about creating partnerships and fostering them through a shared interest in adding value for your company. Our partnership with clients is a win-win scenario where your success is our success and vice versa.

Enterprise Risk Management

Well aligned Risk Management strategies accelerate the business process and help achieve strategic goals faster. Optimally connected risk processes and sharing of data and information help companies achieve full value from their investments in risk management.

We evaluate and model internal controls as well as enterprise-wide issues by taking inventory of key risks and how they are being managed. We determine the overlapping risk functions or gaps and recommend strategies for full coverage.

Optimized use of technology in identifying qualitative and quantitative risk factors is part of our approach for risk assessment as well as developing repeatable processes for risk mitigation. We aim to develop robust methods that achieve rapid risk assessment and identify opportunities to integrate and improve risk practices.

We transform Risk Management through developing a broad and systematic approach to assess organization-wide global compliance and reporting capabilities, supporting risk capabilities, developing strengths and skills in day-to-day operations, management and strategic decision-making.