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the heart and soul of Service
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At Guideridge Associates Inc., we are committed to delivering excellent services for Supply Chain Transformation and achieving your goals for turning supply chain into growth engine for the company.

Guideridge Associates Inc. is about creating partnerships and fostering them through a shared interest in adding value for your company. Our partnership with clients is a win-win scenario where your success is our success and vice versa.

Project Development and Project Management

From concept to reality, from project development to physical project management, we offer full circle services primarily in petrochemicals. We offer services in establishing the core processing plant, utilities and offsite facilities. Our services include, but not limited to, formulating petrochemical strategies, exploring and evaluating business opportunities in downstream and support industries, project bid preparation and evaluations, site selection, technology selection and licensing agreements, technical and commercial negotiation of contracts, preparing / optimizing plant configurations, risk evaluation and mitigation etc. We also work with our clients in interactions with project engineering contractor, JV partner, and engineering evaluations.

We lead and create success stories for all stakeholders. Our extensive expertise achieved through working in three continents and a diversified physical and cultural environment ensure best value and quick turnaround.